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Submitted by 450slowner on Thu, 2022-06-16 06:06
Sunday, May 29, 2022 - 05:00am to Sunday, May 29, 2022 - 09:00am
Long Sault

The Ottawa Section held a drive on May 29th along the Long Sault Parkway which borders the St. Lawrence River in Eastern Ontario. We had 26 people participating in 15 cars. The weather cooperated and made for a great day.


We met at a parking lot in Ingleside before heading the short distance to turn on to the Long Sault Parkway.

The Parkway is 11 kilometers long and connects a series of small islands. The area was impacted when 40,000 acres of land was flooded for the construction St. Lawrence Seaway and Hydro program to develop power generating stations near Cornwall in the 1950’s. The Parkway is now administered by the St. Lawrence Parks Authority.


Went in convoy from Ingleside to the Woodlands Beach Picnic Grounds where we stopped for a picnic lunch along the river.

The picnic area was not busy so were able to line up the car for some great photo and video opportunities.

Thanks goes to our Webmaster Tom Zouzoulas who took some excellent photos and video and posted them to our Facebook page. Check them out on the Mercedes Benz Club of America/ Ottawa Section Facebook page. If you are not already following us, be sure to sign up.


After lunch we continued along the remainder of the Parkway ending up in the village of Long Sault.

As part of the planning for this event, I read about the Lost Villages Museum located close to Long Sault.

Jim was happy to accommodate us and met us when we arrived. We were given a briefing on the history of the museum and about how some of the buildings from the villages were relocated as well as some interesting stories about some of the people impacted by the flooding caused by the Seaway and Hydro projects.