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Submitted by Goode4me on Mon, 2022-04-04 10:04
Sunday, Apr 03, 2022 - 03:00am to Sunday, Apr 03, 2022 - 08:00am
Article by Tim Bonifay
April First Sunday Drive - Lake Berryessa   Two sections joint together for a leisurely drive: San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento
April's FSD was a rousing success with 20 beautiful Mercedes-Benz vehicles and over 35 excited guests participating! Starting at a Starbucks in Fairfield, we met for coffee and socializing and welcomed the company of members of the Sacramento Area Mercedes-Benz Club chapter who joined us! 
We started out on a bucolic drive on Suisun Valley Road which took us past wineries and the peaceful countryside. The road led us on a winding scenic trip, with views of goats, geese, and cows, as we headed towards Lake Berryessa. The wildflowers were blooming in exquisite splendor along the way, painting the landscape with purple and yellow hues. Simply gorgeous!  Along the way we were able to view the rolling hills and trees that were burned in the wildfires a couple years ago that are coming back to life like the phoenix rising from the ashes. 
A quick stop at  the "Glory Hole,” at Lake Berryessa gave us an opportunity to stretch before we hit the road again, headed for Old Town Vacaville along Pleasant Valley Road. Pulling into town on East Main and we were in the center of a charming and rejuvenated area with a plethora of international cuisine options, where we shared a meal and company before heading home for the day. Thanks again to the Sacramento members and to everyone for a very successful, scenic and fun FSD!