Ottawa Section

Ottawa Section Car Collection Viewing

Ottawa Section Car Collection Viewing

Saturday, July 20, 2019 -
3:00pm to 6:00pm


  What an interesting and different event we held for our members on Saturday, July 20, 2019.

  Our newest member, Hassan Moghadam owns a number of very unique and expensive collectible cars and keeps them in a very well maintained garage – we should all be so fortunate to have such a facility to keep our cars!

  He was excited to invite and host our members as well as a number of car collector friends that he invited from the Ottawa and Montreal area.

  We met on a very hot and humid afternoon and had an opportunity to walk around his garage and view his beautiful collection. For our Benz members the car that seemed to attract the most attention was his 1956 300SL Gullwing.

  He found this beautiful car on eBay in 2012 just outside of Ottawa, which he purchased for $725,000 Canadian dollars.  We have seen these cars sell for well over $2,000,000.

  Hassan is very passionate about his cars and he told us the very interesting stories about how he came about to own each car.

  Each story was very interesting and had us all wanting to hear more.  He is a great story teller.

  Perhaps the most interesting was the story about his 1967 Ferrari Dino 206S Spyder Coupe – one of only 15 ever sold from 18 produced that is currently in Italy undergoing a full restoration.  This had the undertones of dealing with the mafia….  On one visit to Italy to see his car and talk with the company and individuals who were doing the restoration, he said that he gave all his passwords and information to friends in case he didn’t return!!

  His car is very collectible and is worth a lot of money and these people in Italy wanted to own it.  However, through his strong and effective negotiating skills he was able to convince them to be involved in writing a magazine article about the full restoration of his car and to complete the restoration at the agreed upon quote that he had negotiated with the firm in advance.

  Some of the other cars in Hassan’s collection include a Ferrari F10, a Austin Martin (a la James Bond version!) and a replica of the James Dean Porsche.

  It was a very interesting and informative event and Hassan has already indicated that he is willing to do a similar meeting again.

  We want to thank Hassan for allowing us to visit his amazing collection and look forward to visiting it again in the future.


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