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Your MBCA National Enthusiast Committee has created a worthy campaign of interesting programs that will provide benefits and assistance for all Mercedes-Benz aficionados.

We are celebrating the legacy of generations of enthusiasts whose knowledge and passion for this organization are the building blocks of the Club's foundation and the National Enthusiast Committee. Aiming high, we have combined the wisdom of these members and the energy of new members to create programs for everyone who avidly support all things Mercedes-Benz.

What is the MBCA Enthusiast Team? It is a compendium of people with great enthusiasm, intense passion and a formidable knowledge about the marque - whose role is to provide accurate information, positive experiences and assistance to all Mercedes-Benz Enthusiasts.

The team will work together to maintain, publish and support a variety of resources concerning the automobiles and activities related to them.


The Ultimate Programs of Interest For You


Directory of Pre and Post-War Mercedes-Benz Models
The Classic Pre-War and Vintage Post-War model experts were assembled to provide expert knowledge to all enthusiasts on a one to one basis. Contact information for all experts available for consultation, including technical experts and restoration advisors will be listed.
The Pre-War group will provide expert knowledge on all models from Daimler (Mercedes), Benz, and Mercedes-Benz vehicles built from 1886 through 1945. Daimler and Benz were separate companies prior to their merger in 1926. The Post-War group will support models built by Mercedes-Benz from 1945-1991.

The 2013 Global Calendar of Events for Automotive Enthusiasts
A global calendar, including both MBCA and other Classic-Vintage multi-marque events will be published on the MBCA website.

The Guide to Classic and Vintage Automobile Museums
This guide features an endless list of museums for you to visit and explore. Enjoy!

Authors of Enthusiasm
In Print, online and ready for your reading pleasure is a listing of authors, their published works, synopsis of publications and ISBN information that has been created just for you.

Driving Activities for Enthusiasts
These activities feature tours, caravans, performance- and off road driving events that will continue to be published in the Star, via social media, and at the MBCA website, under the Global Calendar of Events for Enthusiasts.

Historical and Anniversary Activities
These celebrations focus on the creative and celebratory activities that feature the anniversaries of various Mercedes-Benz models, as well as commemorating other events of historical significance for the MBCA and the Mercedes-Benz Marque.

Partnerships with Multi-Marque Enthusiasts Clubs
Share the enthusiasm, experience, knowledge and enjoyment of our Mercedes-Benz models with other multi-marque organizations by partnering with links to each other’s website and social media.

Educational Partnerships with Young Enthusiasts at Automotive Restoration Schools
The theme of this rewarding program creates mentorship and shadowing programs for students with MBCA experts.

The Ladies of Mercedes
Relax and join other women across the country as we share in the passion and enthusiasm of leisure time activities, lifestyle programs and charitable functions.

MBCA Enthusiast Gazette
This publication will be available for all members. Each issue contains information geared for the technical, restoration and social enthusiast.

We hope you enjoy all of these programs designed especially for you. Remember, enthusiasm begins with you- your club, your choice.

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